About us

Interregional Real Estate Agency "REALTORS OF UKRAINE" performs the whole range of real estate transactions.

Buy, sell, prepare documents, get professional advice on any actions and objects in the real estate market, all this is possible in our Agency!

The leaders of the Interregional Real Estate Agency “REALTORS OF UKRAINE” are experienced professionals in their field who have been operating in the field of real estate for more than twenty years. For them there are no unsolvable problems!

Director Dinsler Lyudmila Valerievna (tel: + 38063-997-78-72 viber),
Tereza Anatolievna Suleymanova, Deputy Director (tel: + 38098-087-14-06 Viber),
Director of Branch No. 1 Alla Georgievna Shkapoid (tel: + 38067-559-28-64 Viber),
Director of the branch number 2 Lazarevich Larisa Viktorovna (tel: + 38094-954-16-68 Viber),
the director of the branch № 3, Gorbachev Arkady Valerievich (tel: + 38067-407-12-77 Viber), as well as the entire staff of the Agency, will make every effort to make the dream of buying real estate come true quickly and efficiently.

The central office of the Agency is located at: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Sakharov, 36A,
Branch number 1: Odessa, st. Red, 5,
Branch number 2: Odessa, st. General Bocharov, 6,
Branch number 3: Odessa, Admiral prospect, 1B.

Phone call center: + 38 (048) 755-05-55

Dinsler Lyudmila Valerievna
Suleimanova Teresa Anatolyevna
Deputy Director